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Mobile Music Making Apps

Inspiration can strike at any moment. Knowing you have a mobile music making app on your phone or tablet to cater for those moments where the light bulb flickers in your creative musical mind is essential. That’s why we have created a list of the top mobile music making apps with some working on the Android platform too.

FL Studio Mobile (iOS & Android)

For only $19.99, FL Studio Mobile delivers on multiple aspects. From its intuitive design to its frequent in-app updates, you will have an array of sample-based instruments at your fingertips. This app is perfect for accessing a range of sounds on the go and is a brilliant complement to the desktop version. Android users, you will need to ensure however you have a mobile device that runs Android 2.3.3.

Allowing you to create muli-track projects on your device, you have the option of moving your projects to the desktop version if you want to progress them further. Having this option on your mobile music making app allows room for flexibility and development as a music producer. Amongst the varied selection of loops, drum kits and sounds you also have an interface that makes it easy to build your tracks.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that make FL Studio Mobile stand out:

> Digital keyboard /piano

> A selection of 133 instruments, loops, beats and drums to choose from

> Option to record audio for vocals

> Ability to play with a number of editing functions from panning to release and attack

> A quality audio engine

> Configurable drum pads

> A number of effects such as Delay, Equaliser, Filters, Amp, Reverb and more to keep your mix sounding crisp

> Easy and intuitive importing

> Great variety of sharing options. If you want to send via email or Dropbox, FL Studio caters for both.

With plenty of great features, not much can go wrong when you download FL Studio for your basic on-the-go production needs.

Garageband (iOS)

The ever-popular Apple mobile music making app Garageband iOS has to make it on our list and at $4.99, packs a punch for value with fantastic functionality. The app allows you to utilize Touch and Smart instruments so you can build the foundations to the track you had in mind. With a sequencer, effects and in-built amps, this app caters for the dedicated mobile music making producer.

As soon as you open the Garageband app on your iPad, there’s a big keyboard icon which you can start playing straight away as soon as you tap it! There is a great sense of ease and proficiency to this app and its user-friendliness is a big part of that. After you open the piano, simply press record to get your first session in motion!

If you want to access the array of virtual instruments, it’s worthwhile using a controller to get a real feel for the synths, organs and pianos the app has to offer. You can even get special keyboards that can be plugged into the device so you can play directly without having to use the interface.

If you enjoy the traditional large mixer icons with virtual equalizers you won’t find it on Garageband. Due to the streamlining nature of this mobile music making app, it just wouldn’t fit in. If you are a bit of a production veteran too, you may be let down to discover that the app is only programmed to do eight bar loop recording. If you can get used to these few quirks, then it’s well worth spending some time playing around with this Macintosh mobile music maker.

You can take things to the next level with the iPad Pro and iPhone 6s. With these devices, you get more options in terms of keyboard displays (3-octave display) and guitars with an increased amount of frets to play. With its easy-to-manipulate on-screen cells, you can get tracks done and dusted with increasing speed.

Let’s check out some of the features and how it’s made it on our top 3:

> Get 3D Touch with iPhone 6 and hold keys for a variety of effects

> Access to iCloud which enables you to make tweaks no matter which device you are on

>Can record up to 32 tracks so you can capture multiple instruments in one session

> Extra sensitive Smart instruments that react to your touch

Garageband definitely has a lot to offer in terms of features and flexibility so you can get the most out of your mobile music making.

Lemur (iOS & Android)

This snazzy musical app is both a MIDI and OSC controller which enables simplistic sequence creation. On the train or in your favorite coffee shop, Lemur possess the power of multi-touch functionality alongside custom widgets and personalized ‘skins’.

High up on the music tech websites ratings and with popularity amongst the consumer population too, it’s no wonder Lemur has made it to our top 3. It has evolved in terms of customization and functionality whilst you get a number of features for the price of one.

The best features of Lemur:

> Ultimate control : For DJs plus live performance and studio production software, there’s plenty of elements to make full use of outside equipment.

> Multi-touch and customizable widgets: You get full support with the HTML5 Canvas feature that enables users to create various animations, shapes and more with their widgets.

> Advanced sequencing: with three objects to control your MIDI instruments you can make sequencing simple.

> Easy in-app editing: with multi-touch controls and flexibility to change the controller, you can edit like there’s no tomorrow.

Now the top 3 are compiled and features have been listed, you can choose your favorite music making app. This is just a sneak preview of some of the hottest music making apps of 2016 so far. Stay tuned to discover more as we follow some of the most innovating brands on the market.