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Electronic Music Producer Program


Please add the learner’s name and email address in the ‘Additional Information’ box at check out if they are different from the payer’s. If there are fewer than 48 hours before the start of your course, please contact us to ensure we still have availability before you book.

2020 | $3999

B) Saturday | 20 weeks | 11a – 6p | Start: January 11

C) Tuesday and Thursday | 20 weeks | 7p – 10p | Start: January 7

F) Monday and Wednesday | 10 weeks | 11a – 6p | Start January 6

F) Monday, Wednesday, Friday | 14 weeks  | 11a – 2p | Start: August 24

H) Tuesdays and Thursdays | 15 weeks (skipping TG week) | 10a – 2p | Start: September 1

If you wish to pay one installment now and one half way through the program, you can for an additional 10%. Contact us for instructions if you wish to do that.


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