40% Off Until 2021 Doing What You Love. Remotely.

Every creator needs an outlet. Now more than ever. With you in mind, we are offering an exciting series of new workshops.

What’s more, we are offering 40% off our Live Remote Attendance bookings for all production courses, with the discount pro-rated if you later wish to complete your program in person at our studios.

Get the personal attention you deserve. We’ll give you the same, award-winning, in-person experience you get in our physical classrooms — all from home. Ask questions, practice, get feedback, share your screen, and get help. Everything is live. We are here to teach you and motivate you. In person. See how our classes work in the examples video below.

The discount drops to 33% for courses booked after 2020!

So tune in. Participate. Train with us. Join our community and let’s make something amazing together!

This is a perfect and truly important time to stay connected and growing together in art.

The online classes are going beautifully. Although it’s always ideal and amazing to be together in person, there really are many benefits in learning from home — and this is from someone who typically says no to technology connection and prefers notebooks to screens. I just had a lesson that was extremely productive and helpful, and now I am already home, with my gear to apply what we have gone over. Amazing.

Also, it’s been very nice getting to meet other instructors from different Garnish offices. I feel grateful to have this music community during these times. Thank you Garnish.

Lauren Marie

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We’ve just finished up our first round of Academies 100% on Zoom. Here’s some feedback

The instructors are amazing!! Everyone was super nice, very helpful, and fun to have as instructors. Really felt like a family. and i’m not sure if this is just because of Covid but the fact that the classes are smaller compared to what you’d get at a bigger institution or university is a huge plus in my opinion. I find real value in not just the great teaching style of this school but also how inviting everyone is. Writing this on the last day of the program and i’m already gonna miss everyone.

I really appreciate everything the instructors did and you as well Dave. I know it was hard to organize everything during these crazy times. Im gonna miss the people at Garnish. I learned a lot and i’m super excited to see where i can go with what i’ve learned. Ill stay in touch. 😀

Elijah Smith

The course was a wealth of information and well organized; I learned so much each week and actually felt comfortable with the material. I don’t currently have any plans to go into the industry or the like, as I took the course primarily for self improvement, but with what I’ve learned I feel as though I could definitely get started in the industry at some point in the future. I had a lovely teacher and he made everything clear at each step of the way.  I’ve actually already recommended the course and all of Garnish to my friends and family who are interested in music!

Yanick-Noelle Aigbedion