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Singing Classes | New York

Our coaches work with students to develop vocal technique and style. This course establishes and builds upon strong foundations to efficiently advance your vocal capabilities to the next level. Learn to support your tone, foster your vocal range and elasticity; and explore the potential of interpretive vocal techniques.

Singing is done not just with the voice, but with the entire body. Throughout these classes, students will become more familiar with music theory, rhythm, phrasing, nonverbal communication, and improvisation. Our instructors will also work with you on building your image, stage presence, and establishing your unique style.

Staying true to our music production roots, this course is great for students producing and recording music using their own vocals. Our instructors are happy to work with students on any ongoing projects to analyze, capture, and create the desired vocals for their tracks. Students looking to work with other vocalists can also learn positive and efficient techniques in order to clearly articulate ideas.

Our private classes are specifically tailored to your needs, goals, and schedule, and take place in our pro studio facility. Students are often amazed at how quickly they advance, given the personalized instruction and development of good habits and proper techniques.

  • Recommended lessons package:  24-hour package $1560 ($65 per hour)
  • Hourly private lessons are available for $90 per hour (3 hour minimum per session)

Lessons can also be held at your home for the same prices listed above, but travel time may be considered, depending on location.

Please book lessons with anticipation, we recommend at least two weeks in advance, to reserve your preferred schedule. We can not guarantee the best accommodation for bookings made at short notice. After speaking to one our training specialists, you can use the button below to process class reservation and payment.

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