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Songwriting & Production Academy | New York or Live Online (33% off)

Starting from scratch, learn to write and produce the music you love to your full potential. Give yourself the tools and experience to stand out. Our roster of superior instructors, who specialize in Pop and Hip Hop will be working closely with you and imparting professional techniques in a small class setting.

With strategically placed group mentoring sessions, and one to one mentoring sessions in our professional studio, with a mentor of their choice, students have the opportunity to write, produce, engineer, mix, master their very own EP.

Garnish was the first music production school in the UK to offer the Music Grades System for music production, and all music production Academy learners, worldwide take a Grade 6, 7 or 8 examination. More on music production grades on our London website here. If UK music production qualifications do not obviously pertain to our students’ goals, they (and perhaps more so their parents) can be rest assured that our music production program meets a national standard of accreditation.

Beats & Pieces in Ableton

Ableton is used by so many professional songwriters for a reason; its intuitive and ‘on-the-fly’ flexibility makes writing melodies creative and fun, while other DAWS can feel constrictive. Become comfortable with this software at the hands of our certified trainers. All our students can take advantage of a 40% discount on Ableton software.

Music Foundation & Composition

Write your own commercial backing track, whether it be pop, singer/songwriter, urban, rock, or commercial dance music, with the latest techniques and know-how to make it ready to present to a record label or music production house. Learn how to program bass-lines, vocal & song arrangement, synthesis, strings, sculpt organic sounds, and create a cohesive sound.

Hit Top-Line Songwriting

Struggling to write songs that contend with the hits? Reading songwriting books and watching endless hours of Youtube tutorials don’t seem to be making a difference? Our Hit Songwriting module advances your songwriting abilities with a direct approach and advice that other sources neglect to share, bringing the hit songwriter out in you!

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is used by many of today’s top producers for a reason, especially for its ‘sound’. Expanding your production options, you’ll be buzzing through this extensive DAW like a pro by the end of this module. Become familiar with advanced features including MIDI FX and Flexpitch, customize and chop up loops with EXS24, and discover the fantastic sounds and FX built in to this comprehensive software. Students choose when they take this class from our production course schedule, and can take it during, or after they are finished with their Academy program.

Sound Engineering & Producing Vocals

Master how to record instruments in this module, including synths, bass, guitar, and piano. Then dive into vocal production. Even though music producers are not expected to be singers too, the more we understand about vocal production and recording, the better the final product! This includes knowing how to motivate, coach, and produce our artists. Singing is not mandatory during these sessions!

Synthesis & Sound Design

While even many pro electronic producers stick with only subtractive synthesis during their entire career, you will go beyond by exploring subtractive, granular, additive, wavetable, and frequency modulated synthesis. This section also covers sampling, glitch, resampling, and additional beat-making techniques to broaden your sound.

Mixing & Mastering

Know your space; learn the fundamentals behind acoustics and how to correctly stage your home studio for a cleaner and better sound. Then get your hands dirty with dynamic controllers, in-depth EQ, making the most of the frequency spectrum, mixing vocals, expanding song elements, creating cohesive sound, and working with the the latest professional plugins.

Music Producer

From pre-production to your final edit, explore the intricate roles of a music producer. Learn how to make your artist or band (which may very well be yourself) stand out amongst the crowd. Utilize essentials concepts such as using sound and performance to create emotion, visualize and define your musical direction, and realize your production goals.

Live Performance at The Knitting Factory

Over 21s will be invited to perform their masterpieces at our at our club night in The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.

Marketing & Artist Development

Take advantage of our small class sizes and hand-tailored advice from your instructors during this module, focused on finishing and refining your projects and what to do next!

Free Unlimited Short Course Membership!

Being part of the family really means something at Garnish. We want to see results, and it can take time, so all academy learners gain a free unlimited membership for our shorter courses, worldwide. This means you can take as many 36-hour courses at any of our participating locations (London, Miami, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco) free of charge, with no cap on volume or time! Our offer is valid as long as there is availability at your chosen participating school.


$9999 ($6599 Online Remote) + $500 registration fee | Schedule Skips Holidays | Payment Info

Academic Year #1 | Three 10-week terms | Tuesday & Thursday | 12.30p – 7.30p

A) Term 1: Last Tues. of April; Term 2: 3rd Tues. of September; Term 3: 2nd Tues. of January

Academic Year #2 | Three 10-week terms | Monday & Wednesday | 11a – 6p

B) Term 1: 3rd Mon. of September; Term 2: 2nd Mon. of January; Term 3: Last Mon. of April

Six Months (Two Ten-Week Terms) | Monday, Wednesday and Friday | 11a – 6p

C) Academy 1: Term 1 – January 25 | Term 2: April 19

D) Academy 2: Term 1 – July 5 | Term 2: September 27

Free this year: optional Sound Design classes and mentoring from our Electronic Music Academy

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    Coming from a classical music training background, the course has provided me a whole new platform to work with and a completely different perspective from which to produce music.

    Amaia Arbizu

    The course is professionally run with experienced tutors who are approachable and enthusiastic about music in general. This allowed all the students to interact and learn in a more informal manner.

    Ahmed Karrar

    GMP is already doing an amazing job building a reputation of excellent teachers and an exceptional suite of classes and programs. Add to that the individualized attention that students receive – and you get the recipe for very rewarding and valuable classes! 

    Alan G

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