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Music Production Private Instruction | New York

For specific learning needs, we also offer private lessons for most courses, including Ableton LiveLogic ProPro ToolsMixing & MasteringSound DesignSongwritingPianoSinging and much more, for people who want to do our courses but are unable to commit to our schedule, want a bespoke experience, or want to train in a private and discrete setting. NDA? No problem.

Tuition –

  • Hourly tuition fee: $90 per hour. 3 hour minimum per session and cannot later be factored into a 24-hour package. Excludes studio fees (see below for location options and costs)
  • 24-hour package: $1560 ($65 per hour). 3 hour minimum per session and excludes studio fees (see below for location options and costs)

Location –

  • At an acoustically treated pro studio in Brooklyn or Midtown: Add $40 $20 p/h (half price for private students)
  • At your home/studio/hotel: No additional fee, but reasonable travel costs may be added
  • In a classroom at our facility: No charge, but your schedule will have to be very flexible, as we are usually full with classes
  • Online using Zoom: No additional charge

We recommend booking at least a week in advance, to reserve your preferred schedule, location, and best instructor for your needs. We can not guarantee the best accommodation for bookings made at short notice. After speaking to one our training specialists, you can use the button below to process class reservation and payment. For questions and to book private tuition via email, please use the contact button above.

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    My time with at Garnish was great. The instructors provided excellent easy to understand techniques and ways to operate the software. I am definitely going to sign up for more sessions and would love to work with both of them again. Thank you!

    Ryan Payne

    I had an amazing teacher, one of the best I've ever had. He teaches everything clearly and concisely and sets a really good atmosphere for the class.

    Matthew Gould

    I never thought I could learn so much so effectively in such a short amount of time.

    Les Correa

    Great learning environment. Instructors are very personable and patient.

    Lenny Nicholson