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Ableton Live Production Course | New York or Live Online

If you want to make the quality music you love but are bewildered by all the books and online tutorials around, our Ableton Live course is a perfect introduction to music production. Taken from our Ableton Producer Program, our shorter Ableton Production Course covers 36 hours of music production classes, where learners have the chance to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of this revolutionary music production software, and create something to be proud of, in-person in New York, or LIVE online.

“I needed to brush up on something, so I called Garnish, as they have the best instructors” – Jamie Jones

Ableton has changed how producers make and perform music; the software offers an amazing ‘jamming’ tool to evolve ideas ‘on-the-fly’, with its easy-to-use template, making learning it suitable for beginners. Our Ableton Production Course is also great for those that are already using Ableton, but would like to fill in gaps and expand their skills though the help of professional tutoring.

• Shake hands with Ableton
• How to Create with MIDI & Audio
• Live Performance & DJing

• Composing with Virtual Instruments & MIDI Tracks
• Ableton Live Suite
• Advanced Techniques and Sound Art

Our Ableton instructors are seasoned experts in the realm of music production, offering you exclusive access to their wealth of knowledge and professional insights. They stand ready to address any questions you have, providing in-person guidance that adds unparalleled value to your learning experience. Consider the significance of this personalized approach, compared to alternative methods of learning, and discover qualities that distinguish us.

If you can’t make a lesson, we will give you the option to catch up the same class on a future cycle, and normally your first choice cycle. All of our courses come with additional reading written by our expert course developers for you to refer to after your course, keeping your momentum going.

Many learners these days prefer to use their own laptops on our courses for things like getting help customizing their set-up, and they have their project exactly as they left it in class to work on at home. So we made the course more affordable, but added a $75 supplement for learners who wish to hire an iMac loaded with software. Please ensure you book an iMac when you book your course if you need one. Controller keyboards, and headphones are provided for everyone if needed. All of our students qualify for a 40% EDU discount on Ableton software, so once you have enrolled, you can purchase Ableton here, then ask us how you get your discount.

Our Testimonials

After almost two years of makeshift learning of Ableton including learning from producer friends, youtube tutorials, Udemy courses, and general poking around... its all FINALLY ironed out to makes sense. Taking this course was so well worth the investment of my time and money. Nothing replaces real live interactions with a rad teacher who was once in our shoes as well as being around other students. I was exposed to music genres, sounds and questions I would never have encountered on my own. I HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone interested in Ableton and intro to music production.

Alaiya Chen

Great introduction to Ableton and music production. The course gave me the confidence, knowledge, and inspiration that I needed to get cracking in my home studio. It made me realize how creative I can be and how much potential I have. I am very grateful for this experience.

DJ Rhiannon

I came into the Ableton course a bit worried as I had never used the program before, but was quickly put at ease by the friendly atmosphere. The instructors are great, really enthusiastic and patient. They're happy to go over things again until you got to grips with it, and their knowledge and skills are inspiring. I have never been one for learning from a book or online tuition, and the hands-on approach of the course was perfect. Having the instructors there to help if you have any queries or even the other guys in the class were always happy to help each other out when they could. I left the course feeling confident about making my own tracks on Ableton and also DJing on Ableton.

Stuart Galloway

I came onto the course knowing virtually nothing about the software, and finding the architecture of it totally alien, but within the first week felt like I had some in-roads to understanding it. The instructors are not only incredibly knowledgeable, they also have the skill to actually teach you about the software. The course is paced really well, allowing you to go away and practice what you've learnt each week. The class size is great, the instructors are incredibly helpful and friendly, and the school is easily accessible by public transport.

Nigel Truswell

If any of my friends were interested in producing, I would recommend this course because it cuts all the trial/error, and hours spent online searching for tutorials. Especially for a class like Ableton (versus sound production), the course "goal" per se, was to learn how to use the program. I can confidently say that over these 6-week sessions, I went from barely being able to navigate through the program to being able to apply short cuts and tricks to expedite my production ideas onto Ableton. The faster you get your ideas onto Ableton, the more fun you get to have arranging and completing your track!

Ken Hilton
Our Instructors

36 Hours

Manhattan: $1499 + $100 Registration if booked 14 days before start or $1799 + $200 Registration

Brooklyn: $1799 + $100 Registration if booked 14 days before start or $2099 + $200 Registration


Or get in touch with one of our placement experts. They will follow up with information and find a time for an assessment call to get you in to the most suitable program we have for you. For one-to-one lessons, see Ableton Live Private Instruction, and connect with a specialist on that page.

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