Scott Hampton

Scott Hampton

Scott Hampton, aka “exaltron”, is a trumpeter, guitarist, music technologist and composer with over 20 years experience in various music roles. He is known for both his interactive live performances and releases as Exaltron, as well as his work providing bespoke and licensed music for film, television and international branding campaigns.

Performing live around NYC and touring nationally with acts including Moldover (The Godfather of Controllerism), he combines live instruments, looping, improvisation and live remix techniques with custom Max for Live patches and advanced automation in Ableton, often adding visual elements like homemade reactive lights and a fiber optic lighted talk box. In addition to performing on iconic NYC stages including The Knitting Factory, Nublu and The Delancey. He built a custom mobile sound system in 2016, allowing him to take his live looping rig into subway stations and public parks in the city. This mobile rig was profiled in a mini-doc called The Moving Stage and in an interview on

Scott has been teaching since 2007, providing master classes on advanced techniques in Ableton and Logic at institutions including NYU Steinhardt, Harvestworks, and Underground Producers Alliance.

Beginning in 2013, Scott has successfully applied his experimental production and composition techniques to film score and music licensing, scoring 11 feature films and countless other shorts, animations and branded content. He recently provided a unique electro score for the voguing documentary House of Xmas, produced by Bravó for Dazed Digital, that incorporated dance tracks, ambient score and remixes of classical repertoire.


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