Music Production & DJ Summer Camp 2023

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Music Production & DJ Summer Camp 2023

Music Production & DJ Summer Camp | Brooklyn, Midtown, or Live Online

This summer, up your music production & DJ skills on our Music Production & DJ School Summer Camps.  Initially designed for younger learners, they have become popular for aspiring producers of all ages.  Learn to DJ, dive into music production software and learn your way around composition, mixing and synthesis in small classes of under 10 people.  You will develop a solid understanding of how to program drums and bass, edit vocals, sample, record, mix, create your own sound, and get insight into music business and marketing.  It’s time to compose, mix, and even master your own song!

Our Electronic Music Camp is based in Ableton Live, and our Modern Music Camp is in Logic Pro X.  It’s your choice, or you can do both!  Ableton Live is generally more popular with producers coming from an electronic music background, and works on both Mac and PC.  Recording artists, composers and producers of Pop and Hip-Hop tend to lean towards Logic Pro X, which only works on Macs.  Our camps are designed so you can take one, two, or all of them if you wish! There’s $250 off for each additional camp booked.

Are you ready to get serious with your music?  Our team of pro music producers, DJs, and certified trainers are standing by to share their expertise and give you expert feedback on your tracks.

Modern Music Summer Camp | Monday to Friday x 2 | 7/17 – 7/28 | 11a – 3p ET | $1599 ($1099 for Remote Attendance)

• How to use Logic Pro X
• Arranging and Composition
• The science of recording so all recorded elements, including vocals, sound good
• Introduction to Mixing & Mastering

DJ Summer Camp | Monday to Friday x 2 | 7/31 – 8/11 | 11a – 3p ET | $1599 (Remote Attendance not available)

• Pioneer Nexus Hardware & Rekordbox Software
• Set Building
• Mixing
• FX and electronic music arrangement

Electronic Music Summer Camp | Monday to Friday x 2 | 8/14 – 8/25 | 11a – 3p ET | $1599 ($1099 for Remote Attendance)

• How to use Ableton Live
• Programming Electronic Beats
• Synthesis and sound design to put the sounds you hear in your head into your songs
• How to master your track so that it’s loud, dynamic, and punchy

Many learners these days like to use their own laptops on our courses, so we have made space in our studios for people who wish to do just that, and altered the price structure keeping the course fee low, but have a supplement of $149 for those learners who wish to hire a school iMac loaded with all the software required.  For those bringing in their laptops, your software is the only purchase needed for the summer camp, and it is to be installed on your computer, ready to go at the start of your course.  All Garnish learners taking this course qualify for a 40% educational discount on Ableton Live.  There are no education discounts available for Logic Pro X, but it is one of the best value DAWs available.  DJ students do not need to hire anything!


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Our Testimonials

There are some great instructors at this school. worth the time and money. It's a great place to start.

Alex Gamero

I found the courses to have excellent content well delivered by great instructors. Everyone is happy to answer any questions you have no matter how silly they seem which is great when learning new material.

Mike Mackeeg

The teachers were AMAZING. I learned so much. The class was small and dedicated and the teachers were great with explaining everything. I am so glad I took the course!

Marisa Johnson

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