Vocal Production

Vocal Production

Vocal Production Course in New York

Record, produce, and mix a quality vocal — mic technique, editing mastery, tuning & mixing vocals and a virtual studio visit with a vocalist at work. Sessions in-person in New York and Live Online.

Even though music producers are not expected to be singers too, the more we understand about vocal production and recording, the better the final product! This includes knowing how to motivate, coach, and produce our artists. Singing is not mandatory during these sessions – we understand! Feel free to just listen.

  • Vocal Instrumentation: Explore the voice as a versatile instrument. Uncover techniques to shape and enhance vocal tones, turning the voice into a dynamic instrument that adds depth and emotion to your productions.
  • Signal Chain: Navigate the intricate world of signal chains for vocals. Understand how to optimize your setup for clarity, ensuring that every nuance of the performance is captured with precision.
  • Performance Prowess: Dive into the heart of vocal performance. Learn how to bring out the best in a singer, capturing the raw emotion and subtle nuances that make each performance unique.
  • Editing Finesse: Refine your editing skills for a polished vocal delivery. Explore techniques to enhance timing and pitch while maintaining the natural feel of the performance, creating a seamless and engaging listening experience.
  • Harmony Harmony: Elevate your vocal arrangements with backing vocals. Discover the art of crafting harmonies that complement and enrich the main vocal, adding a layer of depth and dimension to your sound.
  • Mixing Vocal Considerations: Enter the realm of mixing with a focus on vocals. Explore considerations like EQ, compression, and effects tailored specifically for vocals, ensuring that your vocal elements sit perfectly in the mix.

It’s not just about recording vocals; it’s about crafting an experience that connects with listeners in a meaningful way.

18 Hours | $799 + $100 Registration if booked 14 days before start or $999 + $200 Registration

Use the ‘CONNECT’ button below to request schedule information for our classes. One of our placement experts will follow up within a business day. For one-to-one lessons, see Vocal Production Private Instruction, and connect with a specialist on that page.

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Our Testimonials

This was way better than trying to learn from a number of different sources such as YouTube videos or books. This course has given me a whole set of new programming skills and enabled me to learn up to date techniques in Logic. Totally vital if you want to stay current.

Steve Rodway

I have learned so much about the program a short amount of time. There was a lot of information, but everything was useful. The instructor was very thorough and answered every question. Because of the course, I've become confident enough to use Logic and create on my own.

Carmela Llamoso

Everyone has different questions and a different approach to Logic or music production in general. I would recommend Garnish Music because students can ask professionals the questions they have and talk about problems they run into whether it's a beginner or someone with experience. It's also new things being added to Logic very frequently so attending Garnish can give Logic users the leg up in the competition.

Jason Veliu

The content and pace was perfect, you cover so much but make it clear and easy to understand. I feel like Logic has been opened up to me and I wish I'd done it sooner. Thanks!

Ruth Anderson-Davis

I would highly recommend the course to any starting out Logic Pro user, every class is structured and broken down into easy, digestible steps, talented and helpful instructors.

Ashley Plumpton

The course teaches you the ins and outs of getting around Logic in a way you can understand and take the information in. Very helpful and friendly instructors.

 Judah Adolphe

I always had to rely on others help to get reasonable sounding demos for my songs. Now after doing the Logic music production course, I am making great sounding demos all by myself from not knowing anything before really. The tuition was brilliant. I highly recommend this course.

Lauren Rogers

Exposure to enthusiastic instructors and other students. Much better than just online training. Incredible six weeks of next level music production, with enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructors…what more could you want?!

Nick Garbutt

I had excellent teachers with well rounded musical knowledge. I felt safe learning from them. I love the concept of Garnish studios. The week long classes are a perfect match for my busy performer's schedule. I am excited to see this school grow and am already recommending it to friends.

Kevin Yee
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