Audio Mastering Course | New York or Live Online

Our Mastering Course is designed for today’s multi-genre modern engineer.  While being completely focused on mastering “in-the-box” (in a computer), we provide you with the ability to achieve that commercial sound through the understanding of various analog circuits and effect processors.  You will leave with a fully mastered track, and all the steps to continue improving and forwarding your abilities for years to come.

The techniques can be applied within any digital audio workstation, which learners are required to bring with them. Classes are available in-person or LIVE Online.

Introduction & Mixing Recap

• Reference Tracks
• Speakers & Headphones
• Frequencies
• Dynamic Processing
• Effects
• Critical Listening

Metering and Rendering

• Gain Staging
• Meters used in Mixing & Mastering
• Mixing Groups
• Rendering your Premaster
• How to Prepare for Mastering

Introduction to Mastering

• History of Mastering
• Setting up a Mastering Session
• Overview of Ozone & FabFilter Suite
• Critical Listening


• What is Mid/Side
• History of Mid/Side
• Mid/Side Techniques


• What is a Maximizer
• Ozone Maximizer & FabFilter Pro-L walk-through every function.
• Practical Use

Creating A Mastering Chain

• Creating an efficient Mastering Chain with Ozone & FabFilter
• Step by Step Hands-on Instruction
• In depth explanation of Modules & Signal Flow

Metering / Phase & Dithering Analysis / Stem Mastering

• Meters used in Mastering
• Phase & Dithering
• Stem Mastering for Clients

Advanced Mastering

• Expanding Your Mastering Chain
• Using Virtual-Analog Signal Processors

Mastering for Streaming Audio & Broadcasting

• Explanation & History
• Modern Day Application

Referencing, Finalizing, Exporting

• How to Reference
• Finishing Up
• Exporting
• Group Critique

Many learners these days prefer to use their own laptops on our courses for things like getting help customizing their set-up, and they have their project exactly as they left it in class to work on at home. So we made the course more affordable, but added a $75 supplement for learners who wish to hire an iMac loaded with software. Please ensure you book an iMac when you book your course if you need one. Controller keyboards, and headphones are provided for everyone.

36 Hours | $1499 + $100 Registration if booked 14 days before start or $1799 + $200 Registration | Live Online

Use the ‘CONNECT’ button below to request schedule information for our classes. One of our placement experts will follow up within a business day. For one-to-one lessons, see Mastering Audio Private Instructionand connect with a specialist on that page.

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Our Testimonials

As a songwriter/producer I relied heavily on engineers for recording and mixing if I wanted to get my tracks sounding like masters. I always wanted to do more myself but struggled to learn anything watching an engineer zip around at 1000 mph! Then I found Garnish and did their course. It was exactly what I needed, we covered everything I was unsure of in the past from using buses properly, EQ, audio compression and using specialist mastering plugins. Everything was explained and demonstrated in a way I understood. I never thought I'd ever be able get such great sounding tracks doing everything myself.

Ben Cullum

The course was helpful to me to gain a better understanding of the specifics of how to make my mixes better. Explaining specific concepts about compression, reverb, delays, EQ, etc. that I never really had a good grasp of before.

Cyndi Lee

Even though I already know about mixing and mastering, being here gave me a different (in a good way) concept of the knowledge that I already have. Also I learned a lot of new things about mixing and mastering, that will definitely help in my career as a Music Producer.

Carlos Arminio

The instructors are terrific – They are very attentive to the needs of the students – as well as our individual backgrounds and goals – and that makes the learning more personalized. They are all professionals with diverse expertise and have the industry experience to teach not just the mechanics of the software – but the real-world applications and circumstances. I came to GMP in the hopes of finding teachers who were able to give me a strong exposure not just to the the software (which they did very well) – but also to all the various ways the software is intersecting the other music processes and issues (recording, musicians, writing, industry issues, marketing, etc.). For a detailed software class, GMP offers a very “holistic” experience in which to learn and engage!

Alan Guno

At last I have a clear perspective of how mixing and mastering works!

Andrez Alzate

Sharing and learning from a legendary Producer/Engineer is priceless and incredible.

Pablo Toscano
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