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We teach the skills to hone the art of music production.  Students leave with their own project, curated sound library, and the tools to succeed.  This boutique-style program in classes of no more than eight, serves as a comprehensive and hands-on experience.  Gain invaluable tips and techniques from our superior roster of instructors, who are invested in your progress.  Discover qualities that distinguish us.

Students have the opportunity to write, produce, engineer, mix, master their very own project in-person or LIVE online.

Beats & Pieces

In a matter of weeks, you’ll confidently navigate your DAW, a crucial and enduring tool in your creative arsenal. If you’re uncertain about which DAW to select, fret not—we have knowledgeable experts ready to guide you once we understand your preferences better.

Music Composition

Acquire the fundamental elements of music composition, enhancing your production efficiency, whether you’re a novice or possess some background in music theory.

Master the art of crafting harmonious chords, explore captivating lead-lines, and groove-worthy bass-lines.

Classically trained participants have shared how this segment of the program has provided them with fresh tools and techniques.

Audio Engineering

Establish a solid foundation in audio engineering by delving into the techniques and insider tricks of the recording trade. This course segment places a strong emphasis on mastering the art of recording live instruments and synths, covering topics such as microphone selection, audio interfaces, sample rates, bit depths, as well as the critical aspects of monitor speakers and room acoustics.

Mixing & Mastering

Know your space; learn the fundamentals behind acoustics and how to correctly stage your studio for cleaner and better sound.  Then get your hands dirty with dynamic controllers, in-depth EQ, making the most of the frequency spectrum, mixing vocals, expanding song elements, creating cohesive sound, and awesome professional plugins, including our software partners, FabFilter.

Electronic Sound Design

While even many pro electronic producers stick with only subtractive synthesis during their career, you will go beyond by exploring subtractive, granular, additive, wavetable, and frequency modulated synthesis.  This section also covers sampling, glitch, resampling, and additional beat-making techniques to broaden your sound.


Struggling to write songs that contend with the hits?  Reading songwriting books and watching endless hours of Youtube tutorials don’t seem to be making a difference?  Our Top-Line Songwriting module advances your songwriting abilities with a direct approach and advice that other sources neglect to share, bringing the hit songwriter out in you!

Build Beats Better

Our entire Build Beats Better program is included in our Academy. It consists of:-

  • Rhythm Section Programming – Think like a drummer or a strummer: Program beats, riffs, and fills that sound like… well… beats, riffs, and fills.
  • Composition – You should really have a good idea of production AND music if you wish to take giant leaps in the direction of producing the music you love. And music is what this unit is all about.
  • Vocal Production – Record, produce, and mix a quality vocal — mic technique, editing mastery, tuning & mixing vocals and a virtual studio visit with a vocalist at work.
  • Electronic Sound Art – Bend electronic instruments to your will: Create groundbreaking dance music in any DAW. Advanced Sound Design covers the foundations of House, Techno, Tech-House, EDM and Bass.
  • Hip Hop Production – Learn how to record, write, collaborate, and produce Hip Hop! Styles include Boom Bap, East Coast, West Coast, Southern, and Trap. Explore and craft the skills to make your drums knock and your 808s rumble.
  • Mastering – Put that final polish on your mix. Learn the art of mastering, and then get it to land safely in all the right places.
Three Free VIP Short Course Membership, Worldwide

Want to learn FL Studio, or brush up on Sound Design again? No problem, because on completion, all Academy learners at Garnish will get a free VIP membership for our shorter music production courses, worldwide.  This means that you can take up to three music production courses, with just the registration fee to pay at any of our participating locations (London, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Online), subject to availability, with no cap on when you’d like to take each course.  Our offer is valid as long as there is availability at your chosen participating school.

More Free Stuff!

Thanks to our exclusive licensing partnerships and certified status with brands such as Ableton, we have assembled a range of specialized assets: synthesizers, effects, and samples for Garnish Academy students. These instruments and sounds allow us to teach producers, side by side, using the same sets of expanded resources. Our constantly evolving license-partners and content producers add thousands of dollars to the value of our Producer and Academy courses. Many of these products are yours to keep. Others are free to use while you learn and are then eligible for exclusive upgrades at a fraction of their regular price.

We have our very own boutique sample label. Garnish students get a generous toolbox (mostly written and produced by Garnish instructors) for free, and an exclusive pack just for Garnish students not sold on the site! It’s recorded individual keys from Mark Ronson’s Mellotron M4000D, which our label chief Zack Johnson meticulously recorded in Mark’s studio in Hollywood. Thank you Zack and Mark!

Our Testimonials

The teachers have so much realtime experience and are so knowledgeable- they translate that very well within the confines of the course - the best way to learn!

Samantha Heard

I already had a good level of knowledge of some of the areas on the course but the information was delivered at a pace that wasn't too slow. The course was good for me as someone that already knew some theory and practical knowledge but wanted to know how to apply that theory in practical ways. I learned a lot of new techniques that have helped demystify some of the results I have been trying to achieve. The instructors are friendly and knowledgable.

Nick Lawson

Great wealth of knowledge and expertise passed on from teachers who are actively working in dance music. A great course that has empowered me to enhance my music and finish quality dance tracks.

Hayden Noel

Each instructor I had was spot on! They were able to answer all the questions I had and some. I would highly recommend Garnish Music school to anyone looking to learn more about electronic music.

Danile Tran
Our Instructors

Manhattan: $9999 + Registration Fee: $500 ($300 early bird) | Schedule Skips Holidays

Brooklyn: $12999 + Registration Fee: $500 ($300 early bird) | Schedule Skips Holidays

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