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Garnish Music Production School | New York / Electronic Music DJ Class | Manhattan & Brooklyn, NYC

Electronic Music DJ Class | Manhattan & Brooklyn, NYC


Ever been curious about the magic DJs work from the booth? Now’s your chance to dive into the action! Join our exclusive Electronic Music DJ course in Brooklyn and, If you’re 21 or older, make the grade, you’ll also make your debut at a live evening event in a club setting!


Our fully comprehensive course will have you mastering the decks like a pro. You’ll train on industry-standard Pioneer Nexus equipment, the same gear you’ll find at top-tier venues and DJ schools.


“I needed to brush up on some production software, so I called Garnish, as they have the best instructors” – Jamie Jones


Our Electronic Music DJ course is perfect for both beginners and those who’ve dabbled at home, eager to master real-world techniques on the latest professional equipment. Taught by our expert roster of professional electronic music DJ instructors, the course offers a truly personal experience, with a class size limited to just four students.


We don’t offer our DJ classes online for a reason! In-person classes provide the personal attention and feedback necessary for a high-quality learning experience. However, we do offer private instruction online.


If you’re passionate about playing electronic music and want to learn in a friendly, inclusive environment, this is the perfect class for you!

Beats & Pieces

• Setting up equipment, and getting ready to go
• Mixing essentials
• Bars and beats
• Beat matching introduction
• Understanding the structure of electronic music

Arrangement of Electronic Music

• Pitch and recognizing dissonance (aka clashing)
• Knowing when to mix in and mix out
• Key differences between Trap/Bass and ‘Four-On-The-Floor’

Set Building

• Track selection
• Tempo
• Putting songs in order
• Timing your mixes
• Teasers


• Common FX
• Filtering
• EQ
• Dos and don’ts: FX during the mix

Hardware and Software

• CDJ Nexus
• Rekordbox
• Mixed In Key

Your Set

• Refining your set
• How to mix acapellas
• Gauging the crowd and having a backup plan

Advanced Mixing & Digital Tricks

• Triggering and sampling
• Delay and reverb in the mix
• Looping and making your own mash-ups on the spot
• Impact mixing with FX and levels
• Body language

Advanced Set Building & Improvisation

• Out-of-the-box song selection
• Changing tempo
• Music programming

Preparing for Your Show

• Recording your set
• Getting the word out

What Next?

• Keeping the momentum and booking more events
• EPK tips
• Developing your sound and style

“I feel Im so lucky to have done this class, to form my foundation of understanding of DJing. The instructor nurtured my interest and consolidated my goal to be a DJ in clubs.”DJ Exact

“It’s a great course to get a fully integrated understanding of DJing! I loved the learning process and finally getting to play my own music. The instructor was great, and I’m so glad I invested in the class.”Eden

“I’m so glad you taught me. You’re the best xoxo”Paris

“The amazing instructor was instrumental to my understanding of how to be a DJ. Really enjoyed how he explained all the devices and answered the questions. Also the vibe of the school is super nice”Masha

“It was a super fun and easy way to learn how to mix while making great connections!”Fabiano

“After only three classes, I am an entirely different DJ. I can’t wait to see how my skills grow over the next six classes! I’m so grateful for my instructor. He feels more like a mentor than a teacher. Everything at Garnish has been top notch. The instructor, location, gear. Taking this class will not just make a dramatic difference in my skills but also a dramatic change in my career. Thank you!”Heather

“I can’t speak more highly of this course. I am so happy with how much I learned, the length of the course, the quality of equipment, and the stellar instructor. The course syllabus contained nearly everything I wanted to learn and practice. In just a 2-3 classes, I learned more than I had learned in 3-6 months on my own. I am also impressed with the small class size of 4, which allowed for a fantastic learning environment and to bond with one another throughout the 2 months. After finishing the class, I feel like I have truly established a strong foundation of knowledge and skill, as well as the confidence to dive right into playing at open deck nights, at parties with friends, and beginning to plan parties, etc. I am thrilled with my experience. Our instructor was also extremely knowledgeable, patient, and never made us feel anything less than fully capable. Many thanks to Garnish!! I am so happy I committed to this class!Matt

$1299 + $100 Registration if booked 14 days before start or $1599 + $200 Registration

For one-to-one lessons, see DJ Private Instructionand connect with a specialist on that page

Eastern Time in NYC | 2024/2025 | Schedules are updated weekly, so keep checking back. You can even request a schedule here.

A) 7/6 – 9/21 | Saturdays | 2.30p – 5.30p | 12 Classes in Brooklyn

T) 7/8 – 8/15 | Mondays/Thursdays | 6.30p – 9.30p | 12 Classes in Manhattan

D) 7/23 – 8/29 | Tuesdays/Thursdays | 6.15p – 9.15p | 12 Classes in Brooklyn

C) 7/30 – 9/5 | Tuesdays/Thursdays | 6.15p – 9.15p | 12 Classes in Manhattan

8/5 – 8/16 | Two-week Summer Camp | 10a – 2p | 10 Classes in Manhattan

G) 8/11 – 10/20 | Sundays | 2.30p – 5.30p | 12 Classes in Brooklyn

E) 9/3 – 10/10 | Tuesdays/Thursdays | 6.15p – 9.15p | 12 Classes in Brooklyn

H) 9/7 – 11/23 | Saturdays | 2.30p – 5.30p | 12 Classes in Manhattan

N) 9/7 – 11/23 | Saturdays | 2.30p – 5.30p | 12 Classes in Brooklyn

F) 9/10 – 10/17 | Tuesdays/Thursdays | 6.15p – 9.15p | 12 Classes in Manhattan

J) 10/3 – 12/29 | Sundays | 2p – 6p | 9 Classes in Brooklyn

I) 10/15 – 11/21 | Tuesdays/Thursdays | 6.15p – 9.15p | 12 Classes in Manhattan

K) 10/22 – 12/3 (skips 11/28) | Tuesdays/Thursdays | 6.15p – 9.15p | 12 Classes in Manhattan

L) 12/2 – 1/9 | Mondays/Thursdays | 6.15p – 9.15p | 12 Classes in Brooklyn

M) 12/2 – 1/9 | Mondays/Thursdays | 6.15p – 9.15p | 12 Classes in Manhattan


Choose ‘Registration Fee’ to hold your spot or ‘Early Bird’ for 50% off the Registration Fee if there are 14 days or more before your start date. The remaining balance of the fees will be due just before the start, and you’ll get an email letting you know how you pay, including payment plan information.

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