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Beginner Electronic Music DJs – What Equipment You Need to Start Out

Controllers & Stand Alone Units

The model of DJ equipment isn’t the most important thing, as long as you have something to practice on, prepare sets, and record mixes on at home. We recommend sticking with a Pioneer (now Alpha Theta) controller or stand alone unit so you can keep everything in Rekordbox, and is industry standard in clubs, which is why we use this equipment on all of our DJ Classes, worldwide.

Using a controller from Traktor or Serato, will require you to switch between multiple DJ software, with separate libraries which isn’t ideal for a beginner. An entry level controller works great, but you can also get something with more features depending on your budget. 

DJ controllers (used with laptop during performance)

Stand alone units (used with USB during performance)


You don’t need to have expensive headphones, you just need to be able to hear the song that you’re cueing up to beatmatch! We recommend a pair with a closed back, so sound is clearer when the sound outside is loud! 

Studio Monitors 

Keep in mind you will need some speakers for your DJ setup. Bluetooth doesn’t tend to work well for DJing since there’s usually a lag between the music and the waveform you’re seeing and hearing in your headphones. You’ll need something that’s wired to the controller or mixer. Here are some entry level options that work great for DJing.

USB drives

Last, you’ll need a USB flash drive to export your music to, so you can play at clubs and venues. Here are a few different options. SanDisk is one of the most compatible and reliable brands that work with Pioneer DJ setups. We recommend USB 3.0, 64gb or higher. 


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