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Top DJ Mixers in Today’s Market

Top DJ Mixers in Today’s Market

Years ago I had the original Made 2 Fade two channel mixer – it’s far, far away from the technology used today in DJ mixers. My creation hardly featured any EQs. Nevertheless, it was hardly of any importance at the time, since the mixing was more like a piano having been thrown down a flight of stairs.

Change is the only constant. With changing times, the mixers witnessed a lot of changes in them, with the modern ones featuring effects, BPM counters, sampling and sync buttons. DJs don’t need to work too hard, and that’s the purpose of modern technology – to make your life easier than ever.

So, here’s a list of three mixers that are trending on today’s market:

Pioneer Nexus DJM-2000

As good as it may sound; Pioneer has, perhaps, created a mixer which could keep every single person happy. You can plug in six LAN connections, including four turntables and two laptops. What it indicates to is a new world of opportunities. The decks are already seeing a throng of people flooding in to get onto them. Along with a seven band touch screen EQ, it is also possible to sample tracks as you progress. Although, it may cost you high as more than $2000, but if you’re ready to pay what it takes, it is an ultimate selection.

Allen & Heath Xone:22

Nexus may not be a perennial choice for everyone. So why not focus on what is actually needed? I’ll recommend the Allen & Heath Xone:22 for beginners as well as veterans seeking something more practical and more affordable. To your surprise, just $300 will do to get this two channel mixer that possesses three band EQ. It is an apt choice if you visualize music beyond knobs and whistles; if you want to see music speak for itself.

Pioneer DJM-600

Though, it doesn’t mean that we are sponsored by Pioneer, we actually appreciate Pioneer’s DJ Mixers. Most of the bars and clubs around the world run this mixer for it is inexpensive, features numerous easy-to-use effects, and ensures outstanding sound quality from its 4 channels. The good thing is you don’t need to fix it, if it’s not broken. A DJM-600 is any-time pick.

For an old DJ, two channels may be better over a ten of them. But, trust me, own as many channels as you may like, and as many buttons that serve your requirement, provided you only know what you’re trying to do. If you do not, don’t worry. Garnish Music Production School is here.

We have a comprehensive range of DJ courses that fill you with the know-how of all DJing areas and the way to mix vinyl. How crazy that may sound, but you can learn DJing on each format with us. We have professional tutors with years of experience to help you give a new shape to mixing.