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Logic Pro – Workflow Tips (Part I)

Music Production in many ways is directly related to WORKFLOW. It is like Heads and Tails. They are 2 sides of the same coin. I have spent many years reading many books and taking classes to refine my workflow. Let me share with you some of my findings.

Delete Multiple Plug-Ins Simultaneously

  • I wish I knew this when I first started. Would of saved so much time. By holding shift and exiting one plug-in, you can now close all plug-ins simultaneously. AMAZING!!!!

The Benefits of Linking Plug-Ins

  • Workflow is a lot like dancing. It has to be smooth and effortless. This “LINK” feature will allow you to select plug-ins and make changes seamlessly. When you do not use this, selecting multiple plug-ins will crowd up your screen. Use this feature and trust me… will thank me later.

Never Lose A Good Performance Again with Capture Recording

  • Capture Recording is another neat feature that every Logic user should know about. It is nice to know that you do not have to hit record “every time”. Just play along with your song and if your ears like what they are hearing, hit the key command SHIFT+R and the Midi information will show up in the Tracks area. This DOES NOT apply to Audio recordings.

Limit Dragging to One Direction

  • This was a refreshing feature to me when I discovered it. For years, I spent way too much time making mistakes. This option is just another way to stay clear and organized while working on your productions. Try it and I guarantee you that you will never go back to the old behavior.

I find that if you learn a couple of new tricks and apply them consistently, they will become a regular part of your workflow routine. Take these 4 tips and consciously apply them during your next music session. Best of Luck!!!!

Eddie Grey is one of two T3 Apple Logic certified music production trainers, that feature on our Logic Production CourseLogic Producer Program, and Songwriting & Production Academy in our Music Production School in Los Angeles.

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