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Logic Music Producer Program | New York or Live Online (33% off)

Designed for the beginner producer to take them from fiddling around in Garage Band to producing and writing professional sounding songs in popular genres of music using Logic Pro X. More experienced producers also take this program to fill in gaps in workflow.  The total course length is 120 hours, and is a combination of hands-on learning and group mentoring.  By the end of the course, with hard work in-between sessions, leaners should have a completed masterpiece to show off, along with their certificate.  Also included is six hours of one-to-one mentoring on your music with a producer/engineer of your choice (subject to availability) from our superior roster, which include Apple T3-certified instructors.

Learn Logic Pro X, and all the add-ons included in this incredibly powerful and comprehensive DAW, from the ground up, leaving no stone unturned, ensuring you know how to use the tools included effectively and efficiently to produce the music at the quality you are used to hearing by your favorite artists.

What next? We have an Artist Development section at the end of the program, peppered with tips and tricks on how to move forward with your music.

Working in small groups in this class will fast-track you to writing and producing the music you love with like-minded instructors and fellow learners in a relaxed setting, organically laying the foundations for co-writing opportunities in the future. Learning to write and produce hit-sounding records should be fun and not frustrating, and we’ve been helping people to do just that, around the world since 2010.

Thanks to our exclusive licensing partnerships, we have assembled a range of specialized assets: synthesizers, effects, and samples for Garnish Academy and Producer Program students. These instruments and sounds allow us to teach producers, side by side, using the same sets of expanded resources. Our constantly evolving license-partners and content producers add thousands of dollars to the value of these courses. Many of these products are yours to keep. Others are free to use while you learn and are then eligible for exclusive upgrades at a fraction of their regular price.

We have our very own boutique sample label Lazerdisk Sound. Garnish students get all of our packs (mostly written and produced by Garnish instructors) for free, and an exclusive pack just for Garnish students not sold on the site! It’s recorded individual keys from Mark Ronson’s Mellotron M4000D, which our label chief Zack Johnson meticulously recorded in Mark’s studio in Hollywood. Thank you Zack and Mark!

In-person students only: Most learners these days prefer to use their own laptops on our courses, so their set-up is customized for their workflow, and they have their project exactly as they left it in class to work on at home. So we made the course more affordable, but added a $150 supplement for learners who wish to hire an iMac loaded with software. Please ensure you book an iMac when you book your course if you need one, as we have more spots than iMacs. Controller keyboards, and headphones are always provided for everyone.

Our Instructors!

120 Hours | In-Person: $3999 | Registration Fee: $200 | 33% off Live Online

Or get in touch and one of our placement experts will follow up with information and find a time for an assessment call to get you in to the most suitable program we have for you.

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    Everyone has different questions and a different approach to Logic or music production in general. I would recommend Garnish Music because students can ask professionals the questions they have and talk about problems they run into whether it's a beginner or someone with experience. It's also new things being added to Logic very frequently so attending Garnish can give Logic users the leg up in the competition.

    Jason Veliu

    Nathan is a deeply knowledgeable teacher and went above and beyond in terms of being available for any questions and concerns I had. It was overall a very positive experience and I really enjoyed working with him. His enthusiasm is infectious and his willingness to go down various rabbit holes in order to answer my questions was awesome and much appreciated. There's something about learning in real-time with a great teacher, in the same room, that is infinitely richer than, say, some by-the-numbers course or a bunch of videos on YouTube.

    Matt Shapiro

    I thought the course was really well-structured and a lot was covered over the time. So many things I wanted to know where explained really clearly and concisely. Thought it was great having more than one lecturer too, so you got different perspectives on things. The pace was really good, felt like we whizzed through things and didn't linger too long on any one topic. Also appreciated being given full notes on each session too.

    Lucy Underhill

    It was a pleasure and honor learning from such talented and real people. People that are actually out there themselves 'practicing what they preach'!

    Bradley Parsons

    Teachers are friendly and know what's up in terms of what you need to learn out of a class. Also the structure in terms of progression and segmenting the courses over the course helps to retain info.

    Arsoy Mustafa

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