I decided I wanted to go to the next level with production, I love learning in an intimate focused environment from dedicated teachers and Garnish had everything I needed to take me to the next phase. I loved each module and am already putting what I learnt into practice with my new live show and upcoming projects.

- Aluna Francis (Aluna George)

My time with at Garnish was great. The instructors provided excellent easy to understand techniques and ways to operate the software. I am definitely going to sign up for more sessions and would love to work with both of them again. Thank you!

- Ryan Payne

I had an amazing teacher, one of the best I've ever had. He teaches everything clearly and concisely and sets a really good atmosphere for the class.

- Matthew Gould

My instructor was VERY helpful. It took me a few lessons to grasp the concept and he did not give up on me. He tried many different ways to explain the concept and was always patient and understanding. I felt stupid not knowing how to do what he was explaining, but he was very encouraging and motivating, that I would grasp it and I eventually did!

- Vanessa Barnfather

Instructors are well very versed in subject and willing to help each student individually. Learned a lot and feel more comfortable and knowledgeable of concepts, DAWs, and shaping sounds.

- Jonelle Mazell

Instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and have lessons tailored to students' interests and levels of expertise.

- Tiffany Guo

Instructor is very knowledgeable of the ins/outs of the DAW. Our class was very small which allowed for individual instruction and guidance as well. Concluding the course, I feel way more comfortable maneuvering through the DAW and applying other concepts using the system.

- Jonelle Mazell

There are some great instructors at this school. worth the time and money. It's a great place to start.

- Alex Gamero

This was way better than trying to learn from a number of different sources such as YouTube videos or books. This course has given me a whole set of new programming skills and enabled me to learn up to date techniques in Logic. Totally vital if you want to stay current.

- Steve Rodway

This course is for anyone that wants to learn any style of production. The teachers are extremely versatile and can help you with all styles of electronic music.

- Zach Sternberg

The instructor was very knowledgeable and friendly. Small classes are great for individual attention and schooling is affordable compared to other private schools.

- Aria Minx

Very informative. I had an incredible teacher who was patient, knowledgable and all round awesome. I came into the course not knowing much and finished with a gigantic pool of information and skills making me feel equipped to go out and enter the dj world.

- Jeanne Kietzmann

I wouldn't change a thing! I had an amazing teacher, who taught me more in two days than I could have taught myself in a lifetime!

- Vanessa Babbitt