Perhaps you’ve heard the news already: we are in the midst of a global pandemic! In NYC, there has been cause, in recent weeks, for optimism. However, there’s been a surge in cases in LA and elsewhere across the United States. In short, the situation is fluid and, while Garnish Music Production School is officially an optimist, we need to be realistic and responsible.

Our preference would be to run our classes 100% in person, like we have always done, in addition to following all sensible guidelines (deep cleaning, wearing masks, improving ventilation, distancing, etc.) However, these are unusual times and we must be prepared to rise to the occasion as needed. The health of our learners and instructors (and, by extension, their loved ones) is important to us. That’s why, for the time being, all of our students – including those who have registered for the Academy – must be prepared to transition to online, if (and only if) we are unable to safely conduct classes in person.

Again, it is our plan to conduct all classes in person, but we need to have a ‘Plan-B’!

We’d prefer not to make you wait any longer. But if you would be unable to transition to an online model for part of your Academy (if needed), we need to know!

For what it’s worth, we ran the second half of four recent Academies remotely, with terrific results and happy students… and without the benefit of foresight. We’ve learned a lot since then and are now very confident in our agility.

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