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Artist Website Tips

Artist Website Tips

Your website is incredibly important, even in the age of social media, having a website is essential. While an EPK or social media will get people to know about you, the website is almost the long-form version. It’s where you can go into detail about your career, as well as sell merch, let fans know about your gigs, and more.

Your website acts as a complete EPK, one that really shows the whole spectrum of your work. Here are a few artist website tips.



An easy flow – lead people where to click.

This item has nothing to do concerning music but almost everything with where people’s eyes automatically go to. The consensus and idea in the web world is:  If users have more than 3 clicks to get to a destination they want, and can’t find it, they’ll just leave your page.

So, if your fan comes to your website to find where to buy merch, but they have to click various ties to find it, chances are they’re going to leave the website. Which means you just missed a sale.

One page websites are also becoming popular, check out parallax scroll designs. This has everything on one page, and it’s easy to find.

Who Are You?

As artists, you want folks to visit your website, and know they’re in the right place. Similarly, when they go to your social media, they want to know you’re an artist. So, your content needs to show this. Don’t post too many memes, or have a page for your side project on your website. Make sure that when  they go to your page, they’re met with the most current release, and relevant, up-to-date info.

3. A Solid Mixture of Content

Make sure that you have a quality mixture of various media types found on your website. That way it’s all in an easy and simple place. For instance, have a slider on your homepage that divides up your recent release, photos  and so forth. Also make sure that a calendar is updated for gigs as well as having an accessible place for merchandise. This is an important artist website tip to monetize your art in these times of poor mechanical sales. 

4. Include social media as well as your EPK

Ensure your social outlets are placed in an obvious place, that’s easy to find on your website. This can be at a contact page, at the top of your site, or even as icons in your footer. While feeds can be okay, sometimes keeping it simple is best. So keep that in mind. Quite often too many plugins just look bad.

One other thing to note is that your EPK is available and upfront on your site. This can be in the background, for instance in a footer, but it’s good to have your EPK available in case a venue or reporter finds your website. We hope you got someone out of our artist website tips. We go over much more on our music production courses, worldwide.